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Batch Invoice Export in .xlsx format

Priyen Sangoi shared this idea 1 year ago
Under Consideration

Currently batch invoice export is possible only in PDF format. Is it possible to add a feature were the format for download can be selected by the user i.e. PDF, XLS, XLSX, CSV etc as per user's requirement?

It will save a lot of time and effort if files can be downloaded in MS Excel compatible formats.

I request WHMCS to look into this and try and bring this feature.

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Hi there,

Thanks for your suggestion.

The "Invoices" and "Client Data Export" reports can currently be used to export invoice data in CSV format.

Is there specific data or formatting not provided by these reports you'd like added?


Not OP, but the current method of CSV generation has formatting issues if there is a comma in any of the fields generated it breaks the formatting. There are ways to prevent that from happening from a dev point of view, but it's kind of a rabbit hole. You can escape the fields with quotes, but then you need to escape quotes that appear in fields, and it can get a bit ugly.

I've just resorted do doing my own reports instead of the included ones, because the current reports have a lot of warts.

Example. The Income forecast doesn't include triennial data (it looks like it should include it in biennial data, but the values are different when you test it out...as it assumes the triennial data that it is including with the biennial data will renew ever 2 years rather than 3)...so I've had to create my own version of that report to include triennial data). Plus, most of the build in reports are using deprecated WHMCS sql helper functions instead of capsule.

I get that reports are a value added feature, and the fact that we can generate nice looking reports fairly easily is actually super great (especially being able to make custom reports is a huge boon), but they are definitely due for a refresh eventually just from a security point of view if you ever truly want to get rid of the helper functions full_query(), select_query(), update_query(), and delete_query(). Capsule was introduced in WHMCS 6.0? I'm sure it's on the road map at some point, though it's not a money making feature.

Other formats would be nice, as well as the ability to exclude a string with "Does not contain" rather than just "Exact Match" and "Contains".