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Backend changes to Products & Services structure for semantic data

Denver Prophit Jr. shared this idea 5 years ago
Under Consideration


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Many things become possible after this. Rich Pins, Order Confirmations, Invoices, Twitter Product Cards, etc.

The default email templates should be overhauled with inline CSS for responsive email. Then, insertion of schema microdata or JSON+LD

JSON+LD to all product details with the ability to pull product data from schema product types.

Just the beginning. Haven't even begin to touch on schema actions and potential actions or Action Status.

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Invoice and payment confirmation emails also need merge fields for ORDER ID, ORDER LINK, ORDER DATE, PRODUCT URL, PRODUCT ID


My graphic left out the chance for someone to define new services. We need two fields to define additonalType and sameAs for each category,tag,products and service.

Reboot your twitter bootstrap to fully implement microdata or json+ld from the webpage element down to handling digtial products and actions. This would include reviews, and possibly a few other fields?

The more they know about our site, the better they are to provide answers to user query intent.