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More Domain Provisioning options for accepting a Pending Order

keytekweb shared this idea 8 years ago
Under Consideration

Currently the only way to control auto domain registration is by selecting the registrar from the drop down list in domain pricing. Selecting 'none' disables automatic registration leaving it up to an admin to select a registrar manually whilst accepting a pending order. Forgetting to do so creates a to do list item. This all seems a bit clunky

What I suggest is the following

1. The drop down list of registrars denotes the default registrar

2. Another drop down could be added next to it with options similar to product set-up


Automatically setup the domain as soon as an order is placed

Automatically setup the domain as soon as the first payment is received

Automatically setup the domain when you manually accept a pending order

Do not automatically setup this domain

Eugene Martin


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  1. 1. The drop down list of registrars denotes the default registrar

+1 This would be helpful... The auto selected registrar is only applied on payment of the invoice. When manually choosing there is no "default" specified.

This bug also needs help https://requests.whmcs.com/topic/automatic-processing-of-failed-domain-registrations-transfers

  1. there

    needs to be a way to multiple select failed domains and retry them in

    bulk.So under orders for example, there could be a DOMAINS list , which

    you filter by FAILED, and retry them.

+1 When manually

reviewing "Pending Orders" (for either new, or partially failed orders),

allow selecting each domains/services you wish to auto-provision/retry

provisioning. The order stays pending until all domains/services are activated.