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Auto Updating Domain Prices

tomashworth shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration

We have around 200 GTLDs in our system and when the exchange rate changes we can quickly start to loose money unless we manually update all of them (which is a massive job with the current system). Please can functionality be added to get the Enom price for domains from their api (periodically using cron) and then apply a % markup to the cost from Enom. This could use the same exchange rate mechanism that 'Premium' Domain bespoke pricing uses in 7.1. In addition to this core functionality a rounding option to round prices would be great. Being able to choose which tld's it applys to would also be a strong feature. There is a module which claims to update prices like this https://github.com/ducohosting/whmcs-enom-updater but I think this should be core functionality given the number of gtlds now available and I've had no sucess with the 3rd party module.