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Auto generate a password while creating a new client account

ramf shared this idea 5 months ago
Under Consideration


In version 8.0.4 when I try to add a new client I have to add a password during the client creation process or else I get error while In version 7.10.2 I can create a new client without adding such a password.

Please consider implementing one of the following solutions ASAP:

1. This is the best option: Auto generate a strong password for each user. If the user is requesting a different password he can do it via the client area or by asking us to send him the reset password email - but the baseline will be secure password. in this way you can remove the password field from the create new client process.

2. Same as above - but without removing the password field - so if we want to create a custom password when creating a new client / user. if we will leave this field empty the system will auto-generate a strong password for the client.

3. Use the built-in password generator in the browser (chrome for instance ) - so when the admin will click on the password field the browser will automatically offer a strong password.

4. Add the WHMCS generate password button to the admin side so when an admin is creating a new client he will be able to generate a strong random password as part of the client creation process (just like the one other users will have at the client side).

Any way - forcing us to manually create a password for the customer is wrong and cumbersome and really a security risk.

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