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AuthorizeNet eCheck recurring payment option

Superbyte shared this idea 7 years ago

Our customers would like to enter their eCheck info and have it auto-charge monthly just like the credit / debit card option, ie; store their eCheck info for future billings, auto.....

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Adding an echeck option is the most logical thing to do since clients change their card too often or it expires every 2 years. This meant we had to keep calling the clients (besides the emails) to remind them taking unnecessary time.

Statistically, people change their bank card 80% more often than changing bank accounts, that's why being able to process hosting billing with their echeck just like the credit card billing is essential.


I second this feature. Authorizes echeck/ACH as a recurring payment option is a MUST!



Hi guys, I got more details from WHMCS support regarding this. Here is more details on this since they did not bother adding it here. Hope it helps.

Do I need to do something for the recurring ACH to work?
As long as their last invoice was paid using the eCheck module (resulting in the details being saved in the database) and the default payment method is eCheck, the system will debit the account automatically similar to any credit card module.