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Assistance to link/associate hosting accounts with Clients

Ross Gerring shared this idea 6 years ago
Under Consideration

IMHO, every single hosting account on our servers should be owned by, i.e. allocated to, a Client in WHMCS. Unallocated, or non-owned, hosting accounts should be automatically flagged as such, with the option within WHMCS to easily assign it to a Client.

If I bypass WHMCS and create a new hosting account directly using WHM, then I don't think there's currently any way of WHMCS "detecting" that there's a new hosting account... until such time as someone manually makes the connection.

Sure, the answer is to never create or manage hosting accounts except through/via WHMCS so that everything stays in sync. But that's not always practical, in our experience.

I'd love to see WHMCS do more of the heavy lifting in this regard.