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Assign unique promo code to affiliate

JO Spies shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

Good day

I have noticed that the existing affiliate program requires an affiliate to have their own website and when visitors clicks on our link (on their site) they are routed to our site and upon ordering the affiliate receives the commission that has been setup.

What about affiliates that do not own their own website and would like to refer clients.

I suggest creating a unique affiliate code, separate from the current promo code. A unique code is generated and affiliate can give this code to prospective clients. When client signs up with the unique code the transaction is processed in the background and not visible to client. The discount (percentage) is then allocated to the affiliate's account.

Obviously when client signs up with one of our promo codes generated for special/promotion they can view the discount upon checkout.

Please confirm if this is something you would consider.