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Assign Products to Client Contacts

Amey Singnapurkar shared this idea 8 years ago
Under Consideration

In WHMCS there is a provision of adding Client Contact / Sub-client, when a contact is created by a client, he should also be allowed to assign domain / produces / services to a individual sub-client and choose the email which need to be sent.

This option could be seen as multi - reselling, where a reseller can purchase domains and services for a particular client and assign a individual domain / product to the client.


Sub-client could be able to manage the products / services assigned to him as individual.

All billing will be done to the main client only.

Comments (2)


I think this will give good scope for resell. Also if the main client can be affiliate excss, where in if the sub - client registers under his panel he will be given certain affiliate commession


I vote for this. Excellant idea.