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API Function: Merge Invoices

Mantas Pakamore shared this idea 4 years ago
Under Consideration

We want to generate real consolidated invoices.

Once a new invoice is generated, we can catch it with a hook. Then we can check whether a user has other unpaid invoices. If he has, we want to merge the new invoice with a previous invoice. For that to work we need an API function to merge invoices.

Ideally, all admin commands should be available through API. Now there is a feeling that we can do everything through API, but when we start working, we always find some small missing functions here and there.

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Agreed, this would be a great addition to the API. However it would be ideal if all basic Admin area functions were exposed through the API as well.


Needed here too.

Or, al least, that other API like



Permit to add invoice lines with a relid that connect them to product that must be renew.

With this should be possibile to copy lines to an invoice to another in order to simulate a "merge" but without relids when the CU will pay the renew action will not perform automatically... :(


This is aweful and the absolute wrong aproach.

Invoices should not be deleted and recreated all the time, they are supposed to be a final document.

well at least in most parts of the world. in coountries where this not apply you cuold still work the more stricter aproach while the other way around its not

so if you merge it should be done at generation of an invoice not later, not after.

thres also some other issues with cancle/delete and edit invoices after the fact.

its hard for you to internal audit, it could go into chaos quickly.

so no current practice is very bad and we should ask to change that to a more legal and compliant aproach

not do patchwork over aweful solutions over patchworks over patches

mergin products should be an option in an customer (merge invoices for xxx days so all invoices are within a timeframe are generated at once in one document

that would streamline everything and keeps all records and databases clean.

same time delete, edit and merge of alrready pu blished invoices should be deaktivated, and replaced by proper credit invoice