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Allowing developers / freelancers update project tasks from client Area

Roe Shalom shared this idea 5 years ago
Under Consideration

Right now, all project activity is from admin panel

we, and many other companies works with freelancers / external developers

and even in some cases it's relevant to in-house developers that don't have any connections to other topics in whmcs administration

we have .htaccess protection for admin folder so we don't want to add access to this folder from external IPs

we also have yubico keys for admins, What is much more problematic for temporary workers or working remotely.

I thinks is right to add the option to Assign / add / edit / comment project tasks from client area

this should work with some permissions options:

assinged projects

and per project permission options:

can see all tasks or only assigned to him tasks

read tasks

add comments to tasks

edit tasks

remove tasks

can see Staff Messageboard

can add to Staff Messageboard

can add files

can download files

can see activity log (all / his only / none)

time tracking option (timer option)

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Please vote for it :)


Sounds great, I use a lot of freelancers too.



+1 anyone?



Is there something new regarding this issue?

We too would love to have the option to allow someone that don't use the admin side to work on a project via the client area on a project that's belongs to a customer.