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Allow upgrading / downgrading after invoice generation

tsiedsma shared this idea 6 years ago
Under Consideration

Since WHMCS does not send out a pre-invoice notice, customers may decide to upgrade or downgrade their plan after they receive an invoice for service. This is more common with annual or longer payment terms. It is a common request for customers to want to downgrade or change from triennial to annual at their renewal but usually after the invoice is generated.

Please add the ability for customers to downgrade or upgrade or change billing terms even after the invoice is generated (I have created a mod to handle billing cycle changes, I know it isn't difficult to do).

This should be as simple as cancelling the current invoice, changing terms and calculating the new payment, invoicing the customer and implementing the change once the invoice is paid. As an example, I do not issue credits on downgrade, so it does not work for a customer to pay the invoice and then downgrade and receive a credit. That would end up with another manual step of issuing a payment gateway refund for the overpayment too. Let's simplify things and not limit our customers on what they can do with their accounts.

Simple request: Please allow customers to upgrade / downgrade and change billing cycle even after invoice generation by updating or reissuing invoice for new payment terms.

Even if you just give us as admins the ability to reissue or generate a new invoice after cancelling the old and making service changes.

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Under consideration for 2 years.. lets make this happen.


I agree to this, however, it's not more common for yearly than monthly in my opionion. We invoice 30 days before due date and when you are on a monthly cycle you will never have the opportunity to upgrade.

Why don't we just let the clients pay the invoice and then upgrade? It's not really feasible since our customers are sometimes larger companies paying thousands of euro each month and it would be inappropriate to ask them to pay early just to upgrade.

I suggest that you should be able to choose from a few alternatives when doing the upgrade;

1. Add/subtract the difference to next invoice

2. Add/subtract the difference to current invoice (if available)

3. Create a new invoice/credit note with the difference


I too much need this!


To provide the billing flexibility most customers demand, this feature upgrade is important. To ignore it is to ignore the realities of the way our customers acquire and use technology. This is not a static business. Please put forth the effort required to assign and complete this project. We agree with Tommy K above that this applies as much (or more) to monthly invoices where flexibility is required. Also when upgrading/downgrading after a periodic invoice has been generated, it is not necessary to re-issue the periodic invoice to reflect the interim upgrade/downgrade.


This really does need to get fixed. When a customer receives an invoice for a product that is up for renewal, their reaction is going to be one of three things:

1) Looks good, I'll pay it (or let it be paid automatically)

2) I don't need this any more, I'm going to cancel it.

3) I want to keep it, but I need to make a change... either upgrade it or downgrade it.

WHMCS works great for #1 and #2, but it does not work AT ALL for #3. Let's make this happen.

- Scott