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Multiple tax rules/rates per product

Sebastian Tänzer shared this idea 1 year ago
Under Consideration

At the moment it's not possible to have multiple products with different taxing in the same invoice. Please add support to set the tax per product and/or billable item.

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yes we too need this. diffrent product different tax



Product A - tax 1

Product B - tax 1 AND tax 2

The product needs to have a checkbox for each tax rule so that we can specify which tax rules apply to which products.

This is needed for legal compliance with various tax laws. The only alternative is to post the price including tax, which is illegal in some cases, and which also breaks the regional tax features.

I'm very surprised the software can't handle this already. (Quickbooks has always worked this way.) I found old WHMCS discussions on this from almost 10 years ago but not worded clearly enough.


Agree on this. We cannot bill for a service and labour in one invoice currently. Each product has a different VAT rate in Ireland (service = 23% , labour = 13.5% ) The VAT rate needs to be linked to the product, not an overall rate on the invoice.