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Allow Enter of Emails for Mass Mail

QH Joe shared this idea 4 years ago
Under Consideration


Be able to copy/paste or enter manual list of mails to send a Mass E-mail to or mass open of tickets.

Potential Implementation:

Add another field in the mass mail tool for manual entry or adapt current list to be opened/amended.

Use case:

Platform uses one master and WHMCS has no idea of slave/locations of services, select services need maintenance notice sends so current method would be outside of WHMCS or via manual sending 1 by 1. However mails could be pulled from platform direct and copy/pasted in saving admin time.

Comments (2)


This is soooo needed.


Yes, please add this feature. The ability to tag clients as certain types of clients for emailing would make tha Mass Mail feature much more usable.

Clients could be tagged to be excluded or included in Marketing Emails, or Administration Emails, Service Emails etc.

If you could get this added in some time today that would be great, but tomorrow would be OK too.