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Allow Direct Debit fields to be customised

WHMCS John shared this idea 8 years ago
Under Consideration

With Direct Debit payment gateway module different countries require different information. Suggest allowing the field names to be customised, removed or added to.

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This is needed 100% as the way it is now UK banks wont allow it to be used as it does not have the correct fields for UK direct Debits


This feature is an absolute necessity. Our clients prefer to pay monthly via a Debit Order system, we then use a 3rd party Debit order company, and manually enter the information onto their platform ....

WHMCS does have a directdebit option, However, the directdebit.php page is too limited, and cannot be modified. It also has that Bank of America image, that so desperatey needs to be removed.

Please create a proper DirectDebit page, where the client can then order, input their bank details, with a Tickbox accepting the terms and conditions, and this then gets stored in WHMCS, and we can then access this information.

It is deperately needed.


I definately think this is a good feature and once which really needs to be reviewed.