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Advanced Support Ticket Escalation Rules - Auto-Assignment

Nicholas Sansom shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration

I think it would be great and quite beneficial to many companies to have the ability to assign tickets to a Staff Group (Administrator Role) as well as the ability to choose round robin and choose the time-frequency for the rule to run, example (once, every xxx mins/hrs or on cron). With this said it would work as follows:


Department: (Default)

Status: (Default)

Priority: (Default)

Flag To: (Default)

Assignment(possible name): Choose from drop down: (Round Robin) or (Administrator Role)

If Administrator role was selected it would display another dropbox, providing options to select, one or multiple groups)

Frequency: (drop-down options: "Immediately" "Once" "On-cron" "every xx hrs/mins")

With this added functionality to the Ticket Escalation rules, this would not only provide a more structured approach for the execution of the current rules but would also be providing the ability for a more streamlined workflow, monitoring of tickets, as well as be assigning a ticket immediately and providing a more structured approach for notifications.

This also gives larger companies the ability to streamline their tickets and with autoassignment would stop companies having to amually assign tickets to agents.