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Administrator ability to watch Invoices and Billing steps

Julia shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

We bill other work through WHMCS for clients and it would be a super addition to be able to choose to "Watch" an invoice like we can now "watch ticket" in the ticketing system.

The manager of web development work could then watch a deposit or finalisation invoice to know when to start work or put a website live. They would want notice of payment/s or cancellation, and perhaps a (?daily) edit history.

This would also be true for quotes and billable items. I would like our business to move to using WHMCS quotes, but our existing job management system sends information through an API to Billable Items, so ability to send the ID of the watching administrator (job manager) would be useful when considering this request. Their ID would need to flow through from quote or billable item to the invoice, and notify as trigger points are passed through.