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Admin remove Two-Factor Authentication from other Admin if they have the correct permissions

Craig Leach shared this idea 7 years ago
Under Consideration

Today I had one of my admin that was locked out as there mobile was not working and had to have it re-installed.

They used there backup code and forgot to save the new one and I went in to deactivate Two-Factor Authentication for them and there was no option

This need to be added ASAP so we can remove this form other admin if they lose or forget backup code.

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We need to have this. ASAP!


This doesn't seem to be implemented yet.. How do we reset a user's 2F auth???


Yes, I'd like to see this asap, i.e. the ability to enable, disable, or reset 2FA for individual administrators by other administrators.

I notice that there are workarounds being discussed here, including someone mentioning a module they've written:


In brief, if you don't mind using phpmyadmin, you can reset an individual administrator's 2FA, thereby allowing them to set it back up again themselves on next login, using this SQL:

UPDATE tbladmins SET authmodule='', authdata='' WHERE id='5';

... where id is the ID of the admin user.


I like this idea!