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Adding domain and hosting package directly to checkout from external link

Edgar shared this idea 1 year ago
Under Consideration

I would like to create "pre-order" links, in order to get leads to checkout page quickly. So I think is easier to leads, to pay when they known what domain want to buy.

For example:

Lead1 wants to register lead1domain.com and basic hosting (ID 1)

URL directly to checkout:


Lead2 wants to register lead2domain.com and premium hosting (ID 2)

URL directly to checkout:



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Hi Edgar,

Thanks for your suggestion. The link syntax to do this is:


The domain will be pre-filled in the domain lookup fields, but the visitor will need to run the availability check to make sure it's actually available, so there isn't currently a way to skip that. The rest of the configuration will be skipped and taken straight to the shopping cart page.

It's important (and in some territories, a legal requirement) to show customers the shopping cart page to confirm the price being paid and the recurring costs before checkout.