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Add missing Mass Mail function into send message in Products / Clients page after filtering

Trevor shared this idea 4 years ago
Under Consideration

When using Mass Mail Tool, we can see this option under the text area:


However, going to (example):

Clients > View all clients

Clients > Products/Services > Shared Hosting

Over here we usually use filter to find products/clients specifically.

This is where the problem arise when you need to send to over a large group of filtered products/clients:

When you tick the "Check All" checkbox, and click the send message button below,

the above option is missing below the message textbox area, so this is a big problem when we need to send email to a large group!!!

This parameter is only available on the mass mail page. But it should also be extended to every page where a large amount of users could POSSIBLY be in the recipient's list as well.

Please kindly vote to add this "missing" core function which WHMCS asked me to suggest here.