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Add Google drive as an option to store attachments

ramf shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration


In the new 7.7 version - you added an option to store all the attachments on a AWS S3 server.

This is grate news (I requested something similar here) - Thanks.

Can you please add an option to store such files in google drive (maybe more then one drive - so one can use several google drive to store files)?

I have a module that enable storing tickets and customer profile attachments in google drive via API. you can transfer files from WHMCS to google drive, you can connect as many google drive accounts to WHMCS (in case you need more storage) and you can move files back to WHMCS from google drive.

I am willing to give WHMCS this module so you can integrate in with your module of Amazon AWS S3.

I think that adding an option to store attachments in google drive will benefit all of our customers since google drive is free and also it is much easier then setting up an Amazon AWS S3.



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Good Idea


Yes to add WHMCS backup option to utilize Google Drive


I saw that you have the option to clean the attachment, but having the option to store it on the drive is very good.