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Add FTP option in the domain dropdown on admin Products-Services page.

Eric Caldwell shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

We had a hook built for WHMCS admin a while back that we have to keep tweaking for some one WHMCS releases. What would be nice is to have the domain dropdown (where the 'www, whois, intoDns' live) include FTP and FTPS options. This way we don't have to copy/paste cPanel (or other) id's and passwords into an FTP client all the time for dev and support work, or use cPanel's file manager (that's 5 clicks).

Just have the ftp and ftps options use the ftp://userid:[email protected] format and let whatever FTP client we have setup be the handler for that. Just grab the ID and PASS from WHMCS.

This would be a HUGE productivity increase for support and development shops.