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Add email header data support to Support Tickets

starnetwork shared this idea 6 years ago
Under Consideration

Right now, support tickets email Mechanism not keep the "header" information of each message, this Prevents to set it a mailbox as alias for "main" account and get messages for each department by the alias email,


[email protected] is main email account and [email protected] is the alias for the main email account,

on whmcs has 2 departments, support, configured with [email protected] and service, configured with [email protected]

on this case, messages sending to both support and service will create ticket on same department.

support header info will allow to see what is the alias and send the ticket to the right department.

it's also can Reduce the costs of boxes used only for this purpose, for example in Google apps, Exchange 365 and more.

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We currently are using WHMCS in this same method with Google Apps and all is actually working well.

In our Google Apps we have one account ([email protected]) and then alias accounts to each. We setup the support departments in WHMCS with the alias accounts, but ONLY enabled one account to retrieve the messages.

Our WHMCS correctly identifies which emails went to which alias and then sorts them into the correct department.

We have a total of 6 departments all feeding into the single box using the method above.

We also use an external form software to send email to our Google account vs using the default WHMCS ticket entry method.


not only for alias, for example I need to know the IP of the sender or additional info from the email header for automatic actions and I don't have it right now :(


Seeing the email header also will allow checking what other participants are in the email conversation.


The header of the emails is very important for certain lookups where an email came from. I would appreciate it, if the header is stored additionally with the tickets.