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Add "Edit" icon to transaction on Invoice page (Admin side)

stumblrmonk3 shared this idea 8 years ago
Under Consideration

This is about adding the "Edit" icon/link in the Invoice page down where the transactions are. If I'm looking at a transaction and I want to edit it, I need to copy/paste transaction ID and then navigate to 2 different pages, search for that specific transaction and then click the "Edit" button to edit it.

(Please see attachment for visual)

Can WHMCS please spend 5 minutes to implement this very helpful small change in next release? It's practically a template change.

Thank you!

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Please add this feature!

Every quarter when I prepare my taxes, I seem to come across invoices with transaction data errors (e.g. wrong date, wrong transaction ID, missing fees, etc).

It would be so handy to be able to edit the transaction from the invoice page I currently have open. Instead, I have to copy the transaction ID, go to the Billing > Transaction List page and then search on that ID within "No limit".

It would be so easy for you to implement an edit button for us!

On the transaction list at the bottom of an invoice, simply add an edit button with the link: /admin/transactions.php?action=edit&id=%transaction_ID%


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE implement this.


- Mrs K

PS. I tried to attach a screenshot but post wouldn't submit :(