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Add ability to edit ticket submitter field

Daniel Barr shared this idea 7 years ago
Under Consideration

I use the ticketing system for both support/billing as well as tracking important information for my company. I have a department just to move important tickets/emails to for future reference.

The issue with this is sometimes emails come in with incomplete headers so it leaves the submitter field blank. Or in other instances it's not blank, but it's something non helpful, like "Support Department"...rather than "CompanyName Support Department".

It might not be a super important or pressing issue, but having the ability to edit the submitter field (which would then subsequently check/change that field for future tickets from that email address) would be a very welcome addition.

That way we can see at a glance who that email is from rather than having a blank/unhelpful submitter field.

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You can do it now without a problem.

1. open a new customer with the relevant details ( Clients->Add New Client).

2. please note the client ID (near his name with # in the summery section).

3. open the ticket that you want to edit the submitter.

4.Go to "options" tab and in the "Client ID" put the client ID of the customer you want the ticket to belong to.

5. you can also check the setting under setup->General Settings->other->Admin Client Display Format->Show full name & company if set

the problem is when you open the ticket by yourself - since there is no way to see the email address you used to open the ticket on, only the client name - and if it's an "Not a Registered Client" there is no way at all to view the email address)

When a customer calls us we open a new ticket on his behalf with his mail address, After we open the ticket - there is no way to see the email address we open the ticket on. Please note that i'm talking about a not registered customer - so there is no customer profile or something like that.

And another thing related:

Some times a customer send a mail to 3rd party with us in CC - and it's open anew ticket for us - but there is no way to know that the customer sent the mail to 3rd party and not to us...


These are not cusomter emails so I won't open a new customer for them. They are emails from my providers, server fees, other scripts we own, login details, etc. We just track them in the ticket system for ease of access.

So while what you stated is a work-around, it isn't what I'm looking for.


You can open them (your provider etc) as customer as well as real customers.

If you want to separate them you can use Client Groups.