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Add a way to remove / change contact from a ticket

ramf shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration


Sometimes we open a ticket on behalf of a customer and select a one of the customer's contact persons. after a while this contact person is not relevant anymore to this ticket (he left the company, he was promoted to another position etc) - so we want to remove him from the ticket - but sadly there is no way to do it.

The most obvious way to remove him from the ticket is to delete his email address from the ticket CC Recipients (when opening a ticket on a contact his email address is added to the CC Recipients in the options tab) - but sadly this is not working - even when we remove the contact's email address - he still get the email replays from this ticket.

We tried several other ways to remove him from the ticket (ticket merging, change the associate customer and then back to the original one etc.) - But still the old contact person is receiving the ticket replays.

So - please add a way to remove a contact from a ticket and to set this ticket to a new / different contact or to no contact at all.