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Add a way to generate draft invoice when admin add an order

ramf shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration


Now when an admin add an order he can select if he want to generate an invoice for that order,

If he does an invoice will be generate in UNPAID status and it will be available in the customer area and also can be sent to the customer email (by selecting the Send Email option).

But sometime we want to add an order and to create a draft invoice without it being available / visible to the customer. We can use this draft invoice to create some income forecast report that is based on invoices in draft status.

We need this because in some cases we can send the customer an invoice only after we delivered is order, also sometime only after completing the project / delivering the product we know the final sum the customer should pay - If we crate a Draft invoice we could easily update the relevant sum and the relevant invoice date and due date.

So - please add a way for an admin to select if the generated invoice will be a draft invoice of an actual UNPAID invoice.