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Add a private staff notes as part as an support ticket escalations rule

ramf shared this idea 6 years ago
Under Consideration

Hi,We need a way to add a private staff notes as part as an support ticket escalations rule.

We want to create a rule to add specific private staff note to tickets that meets certain conditions via the escalations rules system - i.e. we want a ticket to transfer to a staff member with instructions on what to do.


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Can you elaborate on how this specifically differs from entering notes into the ticket system? Do you mean that it is private to the user that the ticket is being assigned to?



Sorry if my idea wasn't clear.

We are using the escalations rule system in order to move tickets from department to department after a specific time frame, let's say we want to automatically move all the tickets that in status "in progress 2" from accounting department to support department to manually disable a customer account.

since the support department handles lots of tickets from accounting department - we need a way to automatically add a inside note (using the regular private staff notes system in the ticket) to all the tickets that were escalated from accounting to support department with info what the support staff should do with the ticket.

so we need a way to add a private staff notes to a ticket via the escalations rule system.

Now there is a way to send the customer a comment - we want the same thing but for a private staff notes.

What do you think?


Posted 1 year ago - What do you think?


I can see how this would be beneficial if you didn't want the escalation rule to apply an actual reply to the ticket, but you would like to leave a note for your staff on why this ticket was escalated/etc.

Bringing this back up for consideration.