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Accept Paypal payments for Verified Accounts Only

Maria Torres shared this idea 5 years ago
Under Consideration

Since Paypal does not support the option to accept payments from verified Paypal accounts only ( Only U.S. accounts can enable this option) , we need an option for Paypal to accept payments only from verified Paypal Acoounts due a lot of frauds that customers do with unverified paypal accounts, you can see examples on how implement this option via Paypal API here:



payer_status: Whether the customer has a verified PayPal account.

verified – Customer has a verified PayPal account.

unverified – Customer has an unverified PayPal account.


You can put an option to enable or disable this feature on the payment gateway setup for Paypal, it will be very usefull to avoid this kind of frauds with unverified Paypal accounts.

Best Regards.