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Ability to push a service to an other user

Anonymous shared this idea 7 years ago
Under Consideration

At many big providers, (namecheap, enom, etc...) it's possible for a customer to push a domain to another user.

Would it be possible to add such feature in whmcs, allowing a customer to push a service (not only domain) to another customer?

I see some general options that might be usefull for this kind of feature :

- allow the customer to push a service to another client with approval of billing

- allow the customer to push a service to another client without approval

- allow the customer to push only specific categories of services, or domain.

- allow a customer to transfer an unpaid service to another customer. The new customer need to pay an invoice for the first month of the service.

- reactivate an unpaid service transfered to another customer if the account of the new customer is in good standing and can pay 1 month in advance using the account balance.

When a product is pushed to another customer, i think it would be better if the new customer should have approve the transaction by clicking on a link he receive by email.

tell us if you would like to see such feature in whmcs

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