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Ability to pin tickets

Christian L shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration

We'd like the ability to "pin" tickets (or have "follow up" tickets) that are the most important, and must not be forgotten.

Ideally these would work almost as "assigned tickets" work now, except be visible to everyone (in the department, maybe even globally), above their personally assigned tickets. They should also be visible regardless of ticket status (even closed ones). With the number of tickets we handle, we need to have the auto close function enabled, and it's not uncommon that tickets that we have replied to, but need to follow up in the near future are forgotten as they are auto closed.

Would like to have this as a tick option, perhaps next to "Add response" in the opened ticket view

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That´s something I would also love to have. It would be ok if we could "freeze" some ticket status, so if clients answer the ticket, it will not switch from "in progress" to "answered" (which will then auto-close), just to name one. This could be done in ticket status setup page with a new option for each ticket status.



There is a new feature in 6.3 that can help you:

  • Ticket Watchers - Admin users can now elect to Watch Tickets which provides them with email notifications any time there is ticket activity. For more information, please refer to the Ticket Watchers guide.

Another that you can use is a special status of a ticket = let's say IMPORTANT - that will help you categorize them.

Or maybe create a new "department" for such ticket - then you can create an escalation rule on tickets from that department that will prevent such a ticket status to be change or something like that.





Thanks for the suggestions, but that doesn't really accomplish what I want this to be. I do not wish to get email notification about changes, and I already use categorization, but that doesn't keep tickets from being lost because of automatic status changes, clients taking too long to respond etc. The escalation rules could keep the statuses from changing, but will not keep these prioritized tickets at the top of the list, or even more preferably separated from the rest of the "standard" tickets.

We don't have a ticket supervisor to delegate and keep track of tickets. With this feature to pin tickets, we could use WHMCS as a "supervisor" of sorts.