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Ability to Open Ticket on Order

Conor Calby shared this idea 7 years ago
Under Consideration


I think this is a feature many will find helpful and thus should be included in the WHMCS Core.

We provide dedicated servers. Our dedicated server orders must get verified VIA the client filling out a form, providing ID and our staff approving them.

It'd be nice to have the option to set for each service or product group the following:

- After an order has been submitted (not necessarily accepted) or paid for then a ticket is opened under the clients account with a message specified.

This'd also be good for when the host must do manual provisions to keep the client updated... EG: Opening a ticket saying "Thanks for your order. We're now processing it. You can expect it to be setup in X hours. We'll keep you updated here".


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basically this needs to be a checkbox to set a product as "manual provisioning required", and for any products with this set, a ticket gets opened for the order using an email template.



Thanks for taking the time to provide this suggestion., The Auto Release module facilitates the opening of a support ticket when an order is placed or paid.

Do you have any further requirements that mean this isn't a suitable option your your particualr workflow?


FYI - We just created a simple hook to open a ticket when a specific addon is ordered. Very helpful and suprisingly lacking in the market.


Any updates on this?