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Ability to Move Invoices between clients.

Anonymous shared this idea 8 years ago

It would be very useful to be able to move invoices the same way we can move orders. The order would remain with the original cusotmer but the invoice would be with another customer - we have customers who pay for other customers.

There could be two parts

1. Move an invoice after it is created

2. Have the order for customer A generate an invoice for customer B - this would be fantastic

Best Answer

Moving an invoice without moving a product seems a rather unorthodox approach, and potentially a cause for accounting headaches. Would it not be better to raise a different invoice under the other client wanting to pay for another clients products/services and reference the original invoice number? As otherwise I can see a situation where you would be looking at the billing history of the client who owns the product and are going to see gaps in the billing history. Please provide your thoughts to help us understand this more fully.

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Just wondering is there an update on this (also trying to bump it)



There is another feature request about this issue:





Ramf, WHCMS Merged 2 tickets which were in affect different (in their wisdom)


I would love to see this feature as well!

We often sit in a situation where a client has bestowed his products and domains onto someone else, but only notify us of the changer AFTER the invoice was generated. And this cause an accounting / TAX nightmare if invoices are cancelled after they have been issued, and regenerated for the same domain / service.