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Ability to customize ticket created by Autorelease

enabledtechs shared this idea 1 year ago
Under Consideration

I would like to be able to customize the text of the ticket that is created by the autorelease module.

I use this to when a customer purchases an item that requires manual work -- thus creating a ticket for the support group -- but the current default ticket that is created lacks any meaningful details in the ticket so the assigned person needs to dig and find out what was triggering the ticket.

I would be great if different ticket templates could be chosen. It would really save a lot of time!

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agreed, the default ticket content is useless and just causes confusion every time, as it seems like a random ticket created by the client.


The same apples to todo item's created by autorelease.

I have a customised ToDo list widget that picks the domain name out of messages for domain related ToDo's and for service renew/create etc ToDo's a link to the related service.