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Ability to add a billable payment to a product

Rodrigo Cruz shared this idea 7 years ago
Under Consideration

When I create a new Product / Service, in pricing tab we can set the payment type to free, one time and recurring, will be nice add a feature to set the payment as billable.

If select billable we create / configure a custom billable payment for this product.

This is very useful to products that use installment payment (subdivided).

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This sounds good.

I am trying to work out how to charge customers a fee that they pay in instalments. For example, a £100 fee that is paid in four consecutive monthly payments of £25 each.

I have tried creating a new product, making the monthly payment £25 and limiting it to 4 payments. The trouble is, the invoice the customer receives for the first monthly £25 payment says "Remaining balance = 0" which is confusing as there is obviously £75 left to pay.

A method of properly charging a fee in instalments would be great.