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2Checkout's new inline checkout experience - Direct Checkout

Manuel - PlusPlusHosting shared this idea 7 years ago

Integrate the new 2Checkout's new inline checkout experience - Direct Checkout. More info at:


And here is the Developers information link:



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Wow!!! Christmas is here!!! Even though it is 5 years late, better late then never :)

Is there any ETA for 7.6 to be launched?


Please mark the note, to leave that perfect, since many use 2 quotes to receive card payments as for customers who pay with PayPal and that in some countries of the world PayPal is not accepted for the withdrawal of funds and is thickening for our clients , having to leave the website to make the payment through the credit card


Hi all,

Version 7.6 is now in public beta which includes this feature.

Please join the pre-release testing and share your opinions on this new feature; what worked well for you, what didn't work well, the things you like and those you dislike.

I've created a thread dedicated to 2Checkout Inline in v7.6 beta: https://whmcs.community/topic/290606-2checkout-inline-share-your-experience/

Your assistance during the beta testing is invaluable!