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URL Redirect and URL Frame sets the correct option in reseller

Jesús Carrera shared this idea 7 years ago
Under Consideration

When trying to set up a URL Redirect in the domain DNS Management, the correct forwarding should get activated in the reseller options.

I'm using Resellerclub, not sure what happens in other resellers. In my case setting up URL Redirect in DNS Management, Domain Forward gets correctly activated in Resellerclub options, but with the option URL Masking on (what URL Frame is supposed to do).

At the moment there is no way for a client to change that, and we need to log in to Resellerclub and fix that manually.

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i agree and honestly this is not a Feature request, this is a bug in the programming thats needs to be fixed. Come on it weould take all but about 5 minutes for you guys to fix it!