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Expenditure set automatically

Anonymous shared this idea 5 years ago
Under Consideration

Let's say I buy something for my client for $1,00 and I add x% to it; so what I sell it for is $2,00. In that case, the 'Amount Out' column in reports is the $1,00 (the expenditure).

I know it is possible to add the Amount Out manually to transactions, but is it possible to do this automatically? It'd seem kind of illogical to me if it wouldn't.

"Set the expenditure automatically, that the Amount Out is automatically added to the transaction?"... please, WHMCS developers, add this! We really need it.

This would be a huge +1 for a LOT of users!

Example Case:

Hosting Company X purchases product A from their supplier. They add profit to it (x%).

So assume the price of product A is $1,00. Hosting Company X sells it for $2,00. That means the $1,00 should be added in the Amount Out column.

Please vote, a lot of users need this and you probably too!

Thank you in advance! :)

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We really need this