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Add ability to mass email from csv

Ragonz shared this idea 4 years ago
Under Consideration

Background: So yesterday I needed to email everyone from the UK but there doesnt appear to be anyway of selecting these users within the WHMCS mass email tool. So what I did was run an sql query pull out the email address's and names of anyone with country GB then use a normal mail merge to email everyone. Obviously this is not an ideal work around as there now no records of this email within WHMCS and you have to faff about creating more sql queries to remove those people who are marketing email unsubscribed.


Feature request is to

Add function within WHMCS mass email tool to allow for the selection of users based on different fields (Country for example)


Add function within WHMCS to email users based on a csv file where WHMCS would automatically match users within the file to existing users and apply marketing opt out filters/keep a record of the email within their client area for users that match registered users.