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Customise Notification Messages

Matthew R shared this idea 3 years ago
Already Possible


So very glad to see the new native SLACK integration for WHMCS. For the last few years we have been using the Anveto solution which was no longer being maintained.

We would like to see the following added as feature is possible.

1. Client - Show Company name instead of main profile contact.

Presently when a ticket is updated, it shows the Profile contact only with no mention of the company name.

2. Allow for the sharing of the entire message, update, note, etc so the admin team can see the update without the need to login. This was the default functionality of the Anveto solution and acted more like a WHMCS ticket feed which was awesome.

The current notification simply states a ticket was updated, note added, etc.

Thanks for the consideration and this much needed integration.

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Thanks for taking the time to provide your feedback.

I discussed this with the development team and I can advise that you can write your own messages to be displayed for a given event using the new TriggerNotificationEvent API . This has now been added to our developer documentation.

This way you can create a custom notification or custom message for any event which has an action hook point. One would create an action hook script to call the localAPI to TriggerNotificationEvent and write your own messages in the attributes.

So for example, in situation 1, you'd use the ClientAdd hook point to call the TriggerNotificationEvent command using the localAPI, passing in whichever description you wish to display in Slack.

It will be passed to Slack/Hipchat to handle.

Please submit requests for new notification points separately.