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eWay Token Payments - Enhancements to module needed

slim shared this idea 3 years ago

There are two major problems with this module.

1. From the admin area, you cannot update the card number via the usual UI. The card number ends up being stored in the WHMCS DB (a PCI security issue). This needs to be enhanced so that a token is created and stored.

2. The customer cannot update their card unless there is an UNPAID invoice in the system. This needs to be enhanced so the customer can update their card details at any time. (and they are stored in a token at eway).

3. There is no way to migrate customers from the OLD eway module (where the card numbers are stored locally in the WHMCS DB) to the eway token method. There needs to be an easy way to migrate a customers card number FROM whmcs to eway.

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As far as im aware, eWay is the most popular gateway in Australia - especially for hosting compaies. All we ask for is basic featres that should be included in any basic integration.


It is definitely possible to do this in eWay's Rapid SDK, specifically, using the UpdateTokenCustomer and CreateTokenCustomer methods with Transparent Redirect. I've written code that uses TR to process payments and check eWay tokens; while it's not completely trivial, it's not that difficult. Using Transparent Redirect would not void the PCI requirements as the card information would be submitted directly to eWay and would not go through the client server. I might be able to assist with this if desired.

More info here: https://eway.io/api-v3/#token-payments


Hi there,

I'm pleased to advise that as part of our Pay Methods work in v7.8 necessitated updating eWay Rapid to the iframe implementation method.

This provides the ability to update card details on demand via the client and admin areas.