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Display number of replies in helpdesk

Jorge shared this idea 7 years ago
Under Consideration

If you've ever worked with Kayako and switched to WHMCS, I'm sure you miss the column with the "Number of replies" in the ticket list. I know I do.

Matt had already coded this mod for us back in version 4 (it was carried to version 5.1.2, then we lost with the security patches and a change of WHMCS upgrade policy).

In fact, Matt improved the idea. His column listed the total number of replies and the number of replies by staff - a lot better than Kayako!

This solves the dreaded "you bumped the ticket so we didn't reply" problem. You can see at first glance which tickets have had no replies by staff, or have been bumped by the customer, and act accordingly, without guesswork and without having to open the ticket.

It's really helpful to identify "hot" tickets from a particular customer.

It helps everyone, harms no one, and it's already coded. Zero developer effort, and an edge over Kayako. It's a win-win-win ;)

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