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Date Range Custimization on an Invoice Item by Product

Matthew R shared this idea 4 years ago
Under Consideration


I had recently opened a ticket with support asking the following question:


One of our lines of business is hosted phones.

Currently, we

have invoiced for these services using Billable Items set to a monthly

recurring model and simply update the financial values each month should

they change.

We now have a new QuickBooks module that allows us

to map addons to an income bucket, so we could actually setup our phone

services as a product which clients can then view online.


problem I am facing is that when we use a product and setup a monthly

billing, it adds a date of service. In the case of monthly, 30 days into

the future.

We do not actually operate like that.


vendor sends us the amounts we owe on the first of the month. This would

be for services for the next month, But we make all our invoices due on the

25th of the current month. We have to pay our vendor by months end.

Maybe this is all my fault for setting it up like this.


goal with this ticket is to see what options we have for modifying the

date range that the system auto adds to the invoice. IS there a product

level override to suppress that or change the range?

We would like the invoices to be due the 25th of each month. But the rate range should stay the same. An example for May being.

Hosted PBX Platform - domain of client pbx - (05/01/2016 - 05/31/2016)

DUE on 5/25/2016 NOT 5/1/31

Thanks for the consideration.


Another option would be the ability to suppress or custimoze the date rage for a particular product or addon which would be ideal.

In this case I would imagine a data range override tick mark or a suppress date rage on invoice tick mark.

Let me know if I have explained this correctly not.

Looks like some others have asked for this in the past via the forums, those threads never were replied to publicly.