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cPanel API: mxcheck value for mail exchanger settings on account creation

Andy shared this idea 4 years ago
Under Consideration

Setup > Products/Services > Edit Product > Module Settings > cPanel


could you add the ability on the CPanel module settings in Product

configuration to set the WHM API value 'mxcheck'. This value determines

how WHM decides on the mail exchanger configuration applied to the account (in

cpanel-speak this is 'localdomains' or 'remotedomains'). Currently WHMCS

does not send this field at all.

see: https://documentation.cpanel.net/display/SDK/WHM+API+1+Functions+-+createacct

(the documentation states the default is 'auto', but this is incorrect and WHM actually assumes a 'local' default)


is a per-account creation value and cannot be assigned at the package

level, so the only way to set this is via the API, and the only way to

set API values is to have a field on the above configuration page.

NB. This is not about setting the MX record, it is about telling WHM how to calculate the local or remote mail exchanger setting.