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Cancellation Requests Sort

qps shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

Will you please consider allowing to sort the cancellation requests page in the admin area (cancelrequests.php)? Would be great to be able to sort by the cancellation date. We still would like the default sort as an option (date the request was submitted). Could also be useful to sort by client or product.

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We want to be able to sort Completed request during Cancellation Requests with dates to be able to check terminations that have gone through.

We want to be able to find redundancies that have been canceled for a certain period of time, from date to date.

The Type field can only have 2 different choices, immediately or when the agreement expires. In the Type field, when the agreement expires, that is the date on which we want to be able to sort.

There is a difference on the date when the customer terminates his service and when the customer wants to terminate his service. We want to capture that date when the service is to be shut down.


Obviously this needs a rewrite. The Open / Completed requests tab should be in the filter and there's no date range in the filter either.