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admin access to ONLY specific support department

Swehoster shared this idea 1 month ago
Already Possible

We are looking to be able to create an admin user to manage a specific support department.

This admin should NOT be able to see anything else.

No client data should be accessible only the Support department tickets.

With this feature a client could have it's own support staff or we could hire a partner to manage a ticket queue.

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Now you can select what each admin have access to via the Administrator Roles and the Assigned Admin Users under the department settings - Is it not good enough?





I've tried every possibility but it always ends up with admin can see all users in the fields.

I think there should be an option to ONLY answer tickets without displaying the "to" fields etc.

If you try to create a admin a user that isn't within the company but only there to reply to tickets in a specific department.

I find that impossible.

We have some clients that actually would like to have a department for all their own clients, strange but not all bad, to manage their own tickets.

Please try to accomplish this and if you find a solution please advise.

Best regards